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Charlie Hebdo Head of HR Claims Threats Forced her Out of Home

Sep 22, 2020

Head of HR for Charlie Hebdo magazine, Marika Bret, has reportedly left her home because of so called “precise and detailed threats” to her security guards.

Bret said her guards had protected her for almost five years. She claims that they had received threats on September 14, blaming what she has termed “a level of hallucinatory hatred around Charlie Hebdo”. The BBC reports that Bret said, “I had 10 minutes to do my business and leave my home, 10 minutes to give up part of my existence… I won’t be coming home.”

According to Bret, the threats recurred since the beginning of a trial concerning the attacks on the French magazine’s offices in 2015, and the republication of caricatures of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) earlier this month. 12 people were killed in the attack which followed the magazine’s initial publication of the horrendous cartoons.

The BBC reports that in early September, the magazine had republished the derogatory cartoons, with the republication provocatively preceding the trial of 14 people who have been accused of assisting the two gunmen in the 2015 incident.

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