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Communication: More than just words

Feb 19, 2021

By Naseerah Nanabhai

Communication is more than just exchanging words. It’s about understanding the emotion and intention behind the words spoken.
To communicate effectively one needs to not only convey their ideas correctly but also listen in a way that allows a full understanding of what the other person is aiming to convey. We have narrowed down five ways to communicate better:

1. Think about what you are going to say, plan out and clarify your thoughts before you speak.

It is always best to arrange your thoughts before verbalising them to help you communicate much more clearly. Be clear about what you intend on conveying as it helps you stay on point and makes it easier for listeners to follow.

2. Listening is always important.

Misunderstandings are often caused by not listening correctly. By not understanding what the person who is speaking to you is trying to convey to you, communication becomes difficult.
Never be too shy to ask someone to repeat what they have said or elaborate on the points they made.

3. Non-verbal communication is just as important.

Despite being overlooked, non-verbal communication is also key. These include tone, voice and body language. Maintaining eye contact, avoiding hostility and positive facial expressions will instil confidence and clarity.

4. Request feedback and learn from others.

Always ask for advice or feedback from people you value to improve. This will enhance your communication skills and build more confidence in your approach.

5. Communicate in person about important issues

Texting and emails always seem like a more efficient way to communicate, but it is not always the most effective. Try and avoid doing this for more important or personal things. Face to face conversations helps one to convey their message more clearly as body language and tone of voice is better absorbed.



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