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CPF Chair: Lenasia Has Bigger Problems Than Proposed Lenasia Scholar Transport Plan

Dec 03, 2020

Image: Rising Sun

Faizel Patel – 03/12/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

The chairperson of the Lenasia Community Policing Forum (CPF) says Lenasia has a bigger problem than just about citizens being concerned about the proposed Lenasia Scholar Transport Plan.

Ebrahim Asvat was speaking during the first of a series of meetings between the city of Johannesburg Transport Department and stakeholders on Wednesday afternoon to investigate possible solutions for safe and well-located scholar transport facilities in the area.

The meeting yielded a poor turnout with many suggesting that a more convenient time be scheduled for the discussions to ensure there is more input from affected communities and various stakeholders.

Lenasia residents have expressed concerns about the Lenasia Scholar Transport Plan saying building a taxi rank will exacerbate traffic congestion, increase crime levels and lawlessness in the suburb.

Asvat says an estimated six hundred taxis transport about twelve thousands learners to Lenasia schools on a daily basis.

The CPF chairman questioned the city of Joburg on the regulation of the taxi drivers transporting the learners.

“It’s not about the transport solution. We can put a taxi rank up, we can put a taxi facility, what’s going to force them to park in there? We can’t force them to park in there. But if you got over five hundred taxis, the amount is twelve thousand to fifteen thousand of pupils that is being bussed into Lenasia. Now to accommodate that, your size of your facility is massive. It’s not your regulated industry where you can force them to come in and out and officials that’s going to do it, we don’t have that. They do as they please.

Asvat says the problem in Lenasia is beyond the Lenasia Scholar Transport Plan.

“On the last day of school, I got to get JMPD two days before. We got to do a plenary session for the last day of school, because the swimming pools get flooded, the schools get looted, the shops get looted. It’s beyond the taxi rank.”

While the City of Johannesburg and some residents agree that there is a desperate need for a Lenasia Scholar Transport Plan, other residents were defiant saying that the problem lies with the education department who need to find suitable placement at schools for learners travelling out Lenasia within their own areas they live.

The next meeting between the City of Johannesburg and stakeholders is expected to take place on 8 December 2020.




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