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Criminals Target the Disabled

Jan 15, 2021

Criminals are becoming more and more brazen as they target the disabled community.

In a video that recently went viral, Director for Disabilities in the Premieres office, and paraplegic Zain Bulbulia was seen being robbed of his phone in broad day light.

A disability activist, Doug Anderson wrote in a post on Facebook about how disgusting the act was,

“Check how my friend Zain Bulbulia  was MUGGED over the weekend! It is new low when criminals target People With Disabilities! We are such EASY TARGETS! THIS is my greatest fear – being attacked, being robbed, being mugged, being hijacked! How do I convince a carjacker that they wont be able to drive my car and not get killed? Friends in the media pls start talking about crime and abuse against People With Disabilities! PLS!”

Bulbulia has since received a huge amount of support and has been featured on various news channels.

The crime speaks to the extent thugs are willing to go to make a quick buck, but in the broader spectrum it shows that South Africa’s level of unemployment and poverty is staggering.

Watch the video of the mugging here:


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