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[DOWNLOAD & LISTEN] Ramadan App Garners the Beauty & Spirit of Ramadan

Apr 28, 2020

As Muslims observe the blessed month of Ramadan a technology expert and founder of Orange Apps has told Radio Islam a digital version of the Ramadan timetable is more convenient and easily accessible as opposed to the conventional calendars people put on their refrigerators.

Ismail Schuster was speaking to Radio Islam on Tuesday during the News Hour current affairs programme.

Founded in 2016, Orange apps has found a platform to make mobile app technology more affordable to mobile phone users.

Schuster says one of the apps they have developed is a Ramadan App which has so far racked up more than eight thousand subscribers.

“Most listeners know that we spend a significant time of our day looking at that mobile device. So you have an easy tab to just look at the times and somehow in Ramadan we all forget the times.”

Schuster says because the lockdown has made people feel isolated, he has included some features that garners the spirit of Ramadan.

“I came with the idea of putting the three Harams tab. So you’ll see there’s a tab there for Makkah live, Medina Live, Al Aqsa Live and linking all the live masjids and also linked to Radio Islam because I use Radio Islam in the mornings for Sehri time.”

The Ramadan App also boasts other features including a digital Qur’an, lectures and videos among others.

To download the app, click on the link below and add to “Home Screen” button on your smartphone.

Faizel Patel 

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

Ramadan App

Listen to the interview with Ismail Schuster


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