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Eid is a celebration, let us not forget that

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By Mumtaz Moosa Saley

This week I have seen numerous adverts for Eid items. As I scrolled through the posts, I began to notice the comments and with each passing comment I felt the spirit of Eid fade.

Eid is about family, we are over 40 days in lock down and our hearts yearn to see our family members. Our family traditions has been that the entire family – cousins, uncles and aunts have dinner once a week. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has highlighted the blessing of this tradition set by my grandparents.

The idea of Eid spent without the joy of celebration and warmth shared with friends and family will certainly make this Eid different. No warm embraces with my siblings, the smile and joy on the faces of my children as they receive their Eid gifts and of course, the wonderful atmosphere of breaking bread together.

In our home Eid has always been a big deal, with kids excited to set the table for our small family of three and this year will not be any different, we will wear our best clothing, we will still make a fuss about ensuring everyone is ready for the day of Eid. I will still ensure that the kids are treated to a day of celebration, as it is the day that they look forward to each year after a month of fasting.

As adults, we have fond memories of Eid and that tradition should carry on even though our circumstance have changed. We live in an age where conference video calls are easy to do, and Eid lunch or dinner this year will be a digital affair. We can all still be together while being apart.

I urge you not to give up, to remember that you can still buy food so make it a celebration. In the same breath let’s give what we can as well to those less fortunate l=and let us be the change we want to see.

My proposal to you is:

1. Instead of buying new clothing for yourself, gift someone, less fortunate, a set of new clothing.
2. When ordering or cooking food this Eid, set aside a mini spread and give it to a homeless person.
3. Support your local industries as they need the business to keep them afloat.
4. Instead of kids getting money as a gift, lets get them to give their savings for the years as gifts to the needy or friends and family.

The atmosphere of Eid should not be lost. It is a time for us to start new traditions and bring joy to others.


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