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European Countries to take Minors after Moria Fire

Sep 11, 2020

Four hundred unaccompanied minors who fled this week’s fire at Greece’s Moria camp are to be taken by 10 European countries. German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said most would go to Germany and France. France and Germany are reportedly to take between 100 and 150 of the children, the Netherlands 50 and Finland 11.

There are, according to the BBC, ongoing talks with other European states. Countries expected to take in children include Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia, Luxembourg and Portugal.

The BBC reports that the roughly 13 000 residents of Moria have been sleeping in fields and on roads after fleeing Wednesday’s blaze. Residents of Lesbos, the island home to the Moria camp, have been blocking roads to prevent charities from delivering aid to the now homeless refugees. They do not want new tents for the refugees to be built, either. While European Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas said the gutted camp would be replaced by a modern facility on the same site, Lesbos residents were resistant to plans for a new camp, saying “Now is the time to shut down Moria for good.”

Meanwhile, a group of charities and NGOs have written to the German government to do more for all of the migrants, not just the unaccompanied minors, saying, “The shameful situation in the camp and the fire disaster are the direct result of a failed European refugee policy.”

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