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From Liquor Factory to Islamic Centre in Albania

Oct 22, 2018


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 22-10-2018


A liquor factory in Elbasan in Albania has been raised to the ground to make way for the establishment of a new Islamic centre.

Secretary General of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa Ml Ebrahim Bham is currently visiting the country and was part the delegation that laid the foundation for the new complex.

Ml Bham says despite the development being a very significant event for the region, the area has a remarkable and rich history.

“At a time when religion was outlawed in this place, this place was a liquor outlet and a liquor factory. Because a person had shown inclination towards religion, to demean him, he was put in charge of this liquor factory.”

Ml Bham says it was the power of dua and the Mercy of Allah that religion was again established in the area.

“At that time he used make dua ‘Oh Allah make this one day into an Islamic Centre.’ His son Jamal Ghouta is today amongst the prime movers of those who are in the establishment of this centre.”

Ml Bham says the new Islamic centre will have a masjid and an education institute.


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