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Gordhan vs Mpofu: Zondo Commission a Battleground

Dec 01, 2020

By Naadiya Adams

A day of dissatisfaction plagued the State Capture Commission of Inquiry on Monday as advocate Dali Mpofu represents former SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane in a cross-examination of Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan.

A spew of insults was exchanged as Mpofu attempted to question Gordhan, who has accused Moyane of using his position as SARS commissioner to further state capture interests.

Mpofu, on the other hand, claimed the minister showed hostility towards his client Moyane, particularly during his time at SARS. He claims Gordhan is racist, arrogant, and self-righteous with little proof to his claims of Moyane masterminding the state capture.

Gordhan came off defensive during his testimony, painting Mpofu’s picture of an arrogant, self-righteous minister, but Mpofu’s own political views were also very evident to the commission as he verbally attacked Gordhan at every corner.

The bickering between the parties seemingly wasted much of the commission’s time as very little evidence emerged – though Gordhan admitted to not having proof of Moyane talking to the Hawks everyday but says Moyane’s pattern of behaviour in his restructuring of SARS and his refusal to account to then Minister of Finance is proof in itself.

“Part of State Capture is to take control of an institution either at a board level or CEO level, so this is the CEO level. Secondly, it’s to protect yourself from any interrogation or transparency in relation to the kind of damage that is caused within the institution,” said Gordhan.

“So the refusal to discuss the operating mode, the question of bonuses all add up to that kind of refusal and the third is then go about repurposing an institution or parts of an institution.”

While Moyane’s alleged offences are public knowledge, Gordhan has always placed himself on the right side of the law when it comes to State Capture – a stance that may now be threatened in light of Monday’s shenanigans.

The commission will continue with SARS related testimonies this week.


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