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Hajj : Arafah

Sep 23, 2015


By Ejaz Khan

All I see Is white, 
Clothing not colour, doesn’t matter if you’re as fair as the snow or dark as the night.

Most though will be crying, later they’ll be smiling,
The burden of their sins piling, and then gone.

The slate wiped clean, a new beginning,
Overwhelming sense of relief they are most definitely feeling

Aah but To stand amongst the Millions
Whether tall as Moosagie or as short as the minions

An Honour.
A title, a chance to do things right.
Some go home to 1st world countries, others to homes destroyed in fights.
War, and destruction.

May Allah Unite the Ummah and ease the suffering and pain
Accept the dua’s of those seeking an end to the bloodshed, where there’s drought let there be rain,

Where there’s Deception and lies
May The truth arise.

Where there’s hunger, Ease.
Heartaches? Cease.
Global Peace 



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