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Hajj Poetry: On This Day of Arafaat…

Jul 30, 2020

Faheema Seedat – 30/07/2020 

On this day of Arafaat
There is a longing in my heart
Dear Hajee, u are so special
Your status, so celestial
Representating the Ummah
U have been chosen by Allah
May he’s light love n maghfirah envelop u
As u stand before him so true.
Tonight, may your sleep under the stars be sound
After a day so exilarating, so profound
Tomorrow, as every stone is flung
May the entire earth’s evil be shun
Oh Hajee your sacrifice is a blessing
In lieu of all that we are facing
Go encircle the Kaabah in all your delight
And beg Allah to have mercy on us during this fight
With light and love by the angels you are embraced
In Sha Allah our darkness, by your noor will be replaced
Oh Hajee my soul cannot rest
Surely we are in a time of test
Go well dear Hajee
Remember we are  one Ummati


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