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Ta'alluf - Harmony; Intimacy; Mutual Affection
Taabah - Sweet; Agreeable; Pure; Excellent
Tabassum - Smile/Smiling
Tabahhuj - Be glad; Cheerful
Tabahhur - Like the river; Profoundly learned; Deep
Tahani – congratulations – graeetings
Taherah/Tahirah - Pure/Chaste/Clean
Tahiyyah - Greeting/Cheer
Tamador - -milk- praises-
Tamara/Tamarah/Tamra - Date (fruit) yeilding palm tree
Tarneem - Beautiful voice
Tasneem - Foundation of paradise
Tasmiyah - An arabic name for female means elevation/Noble/and also means (in the name of allah). Tasleem/Tasleemah - Salutation/Greeting/Resignation/Submission/Peace
Tawheeda- one who say la ilaha illa allah- unique
Tayyebah/Tayyibah - Good/Sweet/Agreeable/Pure/Chaste/"Halaal"
Thana' - Thankfulness
Tulaiha – Fruits in Jannat” banana tree
Tumader/Tumadur - Soft/Blissful
Thurrayya - star/The Pleiades
Tayseer- one who facilitates and help others