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Ma'aarifa - Face; Countenance; Features
Madihah/ Madeeha - Praiseworthy
Maha - Wild cow/ cow-eyes
Mahboobah - mistress/sweetheart
Mahira - energetic
Mahtab - Moonlight
Malihah - Beautiful
Malika - Queen
Malkia - Queen
Manal - Attainment/ achievement
Manar - Guiding light
Maram - Aspiration
title of Mari, the mother of Jesus peace be unto them all.
Mariam/ Maryam - A flower, young girl , Mother of Jesus pbuh; Arabic form of "Mary"
Mariyah - lady with fair complexion , wife of prophet
Marjanah - Coral
Marmar - Marble
Mas'ouda - Happy/ lucky/ fortunate
Mawiyah - The essence of life
Maymunah - Auspicious/ blessed, wife of prophet s.a.w
Maysun/ Maysoon - Of beautiful face and body
Mehrunissa - The Dowry of the women
Mubashshira/Mubashshir - messenger/bringer of good tidings/joy
Mufidah/ Mufeeda - profitable/beneficial/useful
Muhjah - Heart's blood/ soul
Muminah - Pious believer
Muna/ Mona - Wish/ desire
Muneerah/Munirah - brilliant/shining/something that reflects light
Mushirah/ Musheera - Giving counsel/ advising
Muslimah - Devout believer