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[LISTEN] Azerbaijan Captures Six Armenian Soldiers – Turan Gafarli: “They were Committing War Crimes According to Geneva International Convention”

May 28, 2021

Image: (MNA)

Faizel Patel – 28/05/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

An Azeri researcher at TRT World Research Centre in Turkey says following Azerbaijan’s victory over Armenia last year, there was a need to debilitate the region and re-drone the borders following the reoccupation of Armenian forces.

Turan Gafarli was speaking to Radio Islam on Friday following the capture of six Armenian servicemen in the early hours of Thursday morning, the latest twist in a simmering border dispute.

The Azeri defence ministry accused the Armenian soldiers of trying to cross into Azeri territory while Armenia’s defence ministry says its soldiers had been carrying out engineering work in the border area of its eastern Gegharkunik region, which neighbours Azerbaijan.

Gafarli says Armenian servicemen were trying to mine the land when they were captured.

“They were actually committing war crimes according to the Geneva International Convention. So that’s way Azerbaijani border guards detained them and they will be treated accordingly. They will be given back after all this prosecution ends and I would say that all this capturing and arresting was according to international law.”

Gafarli says Armenia is getting worse every day in terms of being a state.

“I believe Armenia is in a fact passed towards being a failed state, because we see from its prime minister’s call that they cannot keep their sovereignty in their hands because a sovereign state should be allowed and should be capable of defending its borders. However Armenia is constantly calling Russia to help, other states to help because they know very what they are doing about the debilitation of the border is illegal.”

Gafarli says Armenia still sees Azerbaijan as a threat adding that the country is requesting any state or country for assistance.


Listen to the interview with Turan Gafarl





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