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[LISTEN] Brooks Spector Unpacks Trump & Biden’s First of Three Scheduled Debates Ahead of US Presidential Elections

Sep 30, 2020

Faizel Patel – 30/09/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

The associate editor at the Daily Maverick and a retired American diplomat Brooks Spector says despite polls indicating that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden had won the debate against President Donald Trump, it did not change voters preferences.

Americans have a difficult decision to make as time runs out before the 2020 US presidential elections.

The first of three scheduled debates between Trump and Biden forms part of the attempt to win the voters.

Biden began the first US Presidential debate with heated exchanges over the Coronavirus, race relations election integrity and Trumps taxes.

The two men frequently interrupted each other on Tuesday with angry interjections and with Biden eventually snapping at Trump saying “Will You Shut Up Man”.

Biden told Trump he is the worst president America’s ever had and urged him to get off the golf course and do some work.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Spector says Americans have all but already settled whom they are going to vote for despite the debate and the polls.

“Interestingly it didn’t appear to have changed voter preferences, in other words people said that Biden won the debate, but who people were going to vote for has remained remarkably where it was before the debate.”

Spector says Trump did not come across well.

“He fell back on one of his stumps speech, laugh lines or applause lines rather than any real recitation of facts. He could not for example explain his healthcare proposals or plans. He could not really say anything much about going forward, how would they deal with the COVID pandemic if he were re-elected.”

Biden leads Trump by eight percentage points nationally, 51 percent to 43 percent, according to a Post average of polls.

Biden’s margin is the same in Pennsylvania and smaller in other key states: seven points in Wisconsin and Michigan, five in Arizona, and one in Florida.


Listen to the interview with Brooks Spector 


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