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[LISTEN] Gratuitous Display of Apartheid Flag Hate Speech, Not Curtailing Freedom of Expression

Aug 22, 2019


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 22-08-2019

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)


The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) says the Equality Court court ruling of displaying the old South African flag as hate speech is not curtailing freedom of expression.

Judge Phineas Mojapelo delivered judgment in a case brought by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the South African Human Rights Commission saying the display of the Apartheid flag does harm and should be considered as hate speech, unfair discrimination and harassment.

AfriForum opposed the application.

The old South African flag has often been seen as a symbol of hate and bloodshed and its display has often provoked strong opinions from the public.

The IJR’s Felicity Harrison says they agree with the ruling.

“The constitution in section 16 does give us the right to freedom of expression, but in section 16 (2) it says it does not extend to hatred and we would definitely agree with the court’s decision that the old flag is an expression of hatred.”

The Nelson Mandela Foundation says it hopes the ruling would contribute towards nation-building.


Listen to the interview with Felicity Harrison 



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