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[LISTEN] Jamiatul Ulama SA Lenasia Playing a Critical Role in Assisting COVID-19 Infected Families

Jun 10, 2021

Faizel Patel – 10/06/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

As the Coronavirus continues to devastate communities across the country, the Jamiatual Ulama South Africa Lenasia branch is playing a critical role in assisting families infected with COVID-19.

The organisation is distributing special hot meals to COVID stricken families delivered right to their homes during isolation.

Jamiat SA is also providing much needed counselling services to those infected with COVID-19 to ensure they receive the best care on the road to recovery from the disease.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Jamiat SA’s Mufti Muhammad Bulbulia says their service is to ease the hardship of families suffering with the Coronavirus.

“Many of the are unable or don’t have strength to cook so we are bringing the service of food right to their door saving them the energy and inconvenience of trying to prepare meals for the family. Many of them go through depression and because of that isolation and loneliness they start feeling depressed. We are offering counselling over the phone as well as those that suffer any losses, we have the service of comforting them over the phone.”

Mufti Bulbulia says the Jamiat takes every precaution to ensure those that are assisting with the COVID services are safe.

“The normal precaution of the mask is taken. The meals are left at the front, so we just knock leave the meals at the front and then we move away. All the meals are put in a packet with our logo on it. So there’s no physical contact with any family members.”

Mufti Bulbulia has thanked all the generous donors and well-wishers who have assisted the Jamiat SA to service the needs of all those affected with the Coronavirus.


Listen to the interview with Mufti Muhammad Bulbulia 


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