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[LISTEN] Kwara Kekana: Beating COVID-19 and returning to the Office

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Husain Mohamed – 23/06/2020 

With the novel coronavirus continuing to make its way through South Africa, many of those who contract the disease do eventually beat it.

South Africa currently has more than 100 000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. On a lighter side the total number of recoveries to date is 53,444. This means that more than 50% of those who have contracted COVID-19 have recovered from it.

One of those who were fortunate enough to recover from COVID-19 is Gauteng health department spokesperson, Kwara Kekana. Kekana contracted the disease in the early days of June and went in to self-isolation for 2 weeks. She has since recovered and even returned to work.

Speaking to Radio Islam she says working in the office of the Gauteng Health MEC helped her to remain calm.

“I was very calm, I think one of the things that was to my advantage is working in the office of the MEC, I work very closely to the issue and have all the information on hand to not panic.”

She adds that the stigma surrounding the disease should not deter people from returning to work and people should openly speak of their experiences with the virus.

“I think people should become part of the conversation and try to assist as much as possible. We need to take this virus very seriously.”

She was appreciative of the support shown by colleagues and friends.

Listen to the interview with Kwara Kekana here:

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