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[LISTEN] Lenasia Police Have a Plan in Place to Curb Crime this Festive Season

Dec 22, 2020

Faizel Patel – 21/12/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143

Lenasia police say they are seeing an increase in the number various crimes in the suburb.

The spokesperson for the Lenasia Police Station Bafana Ndimande was speaking to Radio Islam on Monday ahead the major public holidays like Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day during the festive season.

While many Lenasia residents will be travelling to their various holiday destinations, some residents will be staying at home.

The festive period is also an opportune time for criminals to prey on the vulnerable and on the homes of residents who are on holiday.

Ndimande says Lenasia police have a plan in place for the festive season to combat crimes such robberies, hijackings, sexual assaults and even murder.

“The station commander has given an instruction that we need to create and awareness to the public about the crimes that were specified. Also we cannot do it without the involvement of the community because we work with our patrollers and with our Community Policing Forum (CPF).”

Ndimande says police are also battling the influx of beggars who frequent various intersections in Lenasia who sometimes harass motorists and even commit crimes.

“We tried our best as the police together with the Community Policing Forum to remove those beggars from those intersections. But what happen is that during the patrols, whenever these beggars see the police vehicles they run into the veld. We have to try by all means to be in the whole area as possible as we can.”

Ndimande has urged Lenasia residents to be vigilant during the festive season and report any criminal activity.


Listen to the interview with Bafana Ndimande 







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