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[LISTEN] “Lenasia Taxi Rank Informal Traders Relocation Project Must be Stopped, Community Must Challenge it”

Oct 22, 2020

Some of the containers in the Jamia Masjid parking lot.

Faizel Patel – 22/10/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

Lenasia residents and businesses are outraged after not being consulted about a decision to relocate informal traders from the taxi rank opposite the train station in Nirvana Drive to the Jamia Masjid area in Gemsboks Street.

It’s believed the Taxi Rank Project consultant Jocelyn Davis has given the go head for the traders to use the Jamia Masjid parking lot as a trading area for at least twelve months.

At least forty containers were seen in the parking lot in what is believed will be used as makeshift stalls for the traders.

While the Lenasia Business Forum (LBF) argues that the ownership of the  land at Jamia Masjid is still being disputed, it is demanding a letter of approval from various stakeholders granting taxi rank traders to use parking lot as a trading area.

Speaking to Radio Islam, former Democratic Alliance (DA) Lenasia Ward 9 councillor Kishore Badal says Davis has failed to consult with residents and business owners regarding the relocation of informal traders.

“There is an activity within that area. That area caters for people going to mosque, for people going to the businesses within their area, for people that live in that area and for businessman themselves. None of them have been consulted. I’ve spoken to a couple of taxi associations, they haven’t been consulted and Jocelyn says the decision was made two weeks ago. It wasn’t relayed or communicated in anyway.”

Badal says the informal traders, if relocated to the Jamia Masjid parking lot is expected to be longer than a year.

“My experience is that that year will be much longer, it never runs on time.  During that time, a number of other issues will come up relating to crime and to the disadvantage of the formal business area within that particular sector.”

Badal says the relocation project must be stopped.

“It must go back to the drawing board, we as a community must challenge it. We must not allow it continue because we see the potential risks attached to it.”

Badal also shared his reasons for resigning from DA citing a number of issues with the party.


Listen to the interview with Kishore Badal 



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