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[LISTEN] Ml Sulaiman Moola: The Height of Foolishness

Aug 16, 2020

Faizel Patel – 16/08/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

Esteemed Islamic scholar Ml Sulaiman Moola says every human by nature loves to be honoured, respected and revered.

Ml Moola shared a short clip from his Spiritual Ladder video and podcast series.

In the clip Ml Moola discusses the height of foolishness.

He says while every human wants to be respected, they will not feel comfortable if someone refers or directs condescending, derogatory and inflammatory comments at them.

“Unfortunately when we have an argument in a fit of rage, feud, altercation, we refer to people in condescending ways. Sometime we would say he’s a fool, he’s ignorant, naïve and even silly of him.”

Ml Moola says if people take time to reflect on their speech and actions including calling others ignorant and foolish, they will realise that they may be more fitting of the definitions themselves.

“In the verse of the Qur’an Allah refers to anybody who perpetrates an act of vice as a type of ignorance.”

Referring to a caption from a dialogue,  Ml Moola says a person who is the most foolish and naive is the person who forsakes his hereafter and disobeys Allah to secure a worldly benefit for someone else.

Ml Moola says the most intelligent person is defined by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as someone who can subdue his ego and prepare for death.


Listen to the clip by Ml Sulaiman Moola 



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