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[LISTEN] Muallimah Taskeen Karrim: Watch Your Words, Be Kind to Others; the Crime of the Tongue is Severe

Nov 30, 2020

Image: Dale Kinney

Faizel Patel – 30/11/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

Respected Aalima and life coach Muallimah Taskeen Karrim has urged people to be kind to others as this was the trait of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Muallimah Karrim was speaking on Radio Islam during the Socially Speaking with Sister Zeenat programme on Monday.

The theme for the discussion was “holding your tongue” emphasising on the dangers and impact our words can have on others as mentioned by Ml Sulaiman Moola during one his lectures saying: “Jeermuhu Saghir, Jeermuhu Kabhir – The flesh is small, but the crime of the tongue is severe.”

Echoing this pertinent message, Muallimah Karim says kindness begets kindness.

“Be kind to people around you and understand that at the end of the day after everything is said and done we are Muslims. People out there don’t look how you dressed. Anyone can wear a scarf, anyone can wear a dress, you don’t know exactly who’s who in the zoo. But what people can get when they see a Muslim is how you made them feel.”

Muallimah Karrim says people should control their tongue.

“Speak good things only. It doesn’t matter who you are speaking to, a white, a black, Indian, Asian, who you are dealing with. Your job is to look after what you say. So always take care of the things that come out of you because  it’s a reflection of who you are, of your soul and how your mind works. It’s so important that when you are out there in the world that that’s what you representing your true self and  a kind self.”

Muallimah Karrim says the world is already a difficult place and urged people to be the change to make a better world for themselves and all around them.


Listen to the discussion “Holding ones tongue” with Sister Zeenat and Muallimah Karrim








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