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[LISTEN] Nathaniel Julies – Gauteng MPL: “Police Must Change Narrative & Mindset When Engaging with Coloured People”

Sep 05, 2020

Photo: Faizel Patel/Radio Islam

Faizel Patel – 05/09/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

Gauteng MPL Bishop Dalton Adams says police must change their narrative and mindset when engaging with coloured people.

Adams was speaking to Radio Islam on Saturday at the home of 16-year-old Nathaniel Julies where his memorial service was held, just a stone’s throw away from where he was shot and killed last week allegedly by police.

Authorities claim Julies, who had Down Syndrome was caught in the crossfire during alleged gang violence, but his family and residents say that he was murdered by police.

Adams says the community is hurting and have been left shattered by the death of Julies.

He says police have the narrative that coloured people are drug addicts, gangsters, have no identity and are a marginalised community.

“That narrative need to change very quickly because there are very good talented people. We want to say to the police, you cannot treat us like this and treat the people like they are animals. You’re guns are always out to kill us because of what you think of us. “

The Move One Millions Ferhana Fredericks says South Africans must unite and stand in solidarity against a number of issues that is currently plaguing the country.

“We are standing in solidarity with the Eldorado Park community, not only withy ‘Justice for Nathaniel’, but we are also standing with the ‘Move One Million’ which is a bigger movement against corruption, police brutality, against farm attacks and land invasion.”

Three police officers have been arrested in connection with Julies’ murder.


Listen to the interviews with Bishop Dalton Adams and Ferhana Fredericks 






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