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[LISTEN] Palestine Report: “For the First Time in the History of the Israeli Occupation, Israel in a Much Weaker Position than it has Ever been Before”

May 17, 2021

Faizel Patel – 17/05/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

The Palestine Information Network’s (PIN) Hafez Ebrahim Moosa says routine entries of Israeli occupation forces in Masjid Al Aqsa have stopped completely.

Hafez Moosa was speaking to Radio Islam on Monday during the Palestine report sharing the latest updates on the attack on Gaza by Israel.

Hafez Moosa says Israel is fearful of more repercussions of its actions and it has been shocked by Palestinian resistance with even the Iron Dome malfunctioning multiple times.

“Quoting here from Ramsay Baroud, he says for the first time in the history of the Israeli occupation, it is no longer Israel alone that is making and playing by its own rules and from a geo-strategic perspective Israel is in a much weaker position than it has ever been before.”

Hafez Moosa says Israeli occupation even targeted entire families in the attacks in Gaza.

“One family for instance, the Kolak family, at least 17 people in that family were killed, multigenerational. The youngest victim in that family, six-months-old and the oldest victim in that family of seventeen who were killed yesterday, was an 84-year-old granny by the name of Sadiya.”

Hafez Moosa says Israel wants to annihilate Palestinians from Gaza.

“They’ve bombed civic infrastructure, they’ve bombed businesses and significantly the main roads that are leading to the Shifa’a Hospital. Officials from the Gaza Health Ministry saying that by targeting these roads it’s going to be devastating in terms of movement for Palestinians as well as getting to the Shifa’a Hospital to get care in time.”

Hafez Moosa says from the Palestinian point of view that resistance is a key pillar of the Palestinian struggle and that they remain firm in their belief that resistance is a pathway to liberation from occupation.


Listen to the Palestine Report with Hafez Ebrahim Moosa




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