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[LISTEN] The Inside Story About the Godru [Godri, Dohar]

Jun 04, 2021

Faizel Patel – 04/06/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

As South Africans grapple to keep warm this winter, the owner of Jaypur Fabrics in India has shared the details about an item that has become synonymous in South Africa, the godru.

The godru which has been used by generations and is continues to be used till today in many household’s,  is the perfect comforter or blanket to keep people warm especially during freezing nights when Eskom cuts the electricity.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Jayand Maheshwari explains what a godri katha dohar is saying that it is an Indian tradition that goes back more than two hundred years.

“Dohar is generally something you cover up when you sleep at night, kind of like a comforter. Katha means hand stitching when you put two layers of sheets together and you put stitching in between, that is called kantha work. So it quite similar to what happens in patch work.”

Maheshwari says the  godru manufacturing process is a very simple.

“It’s very, very simple weaving done by hands, mostly by the rural women here. Every woman will complete around five or six dohars everyday.”

Maheshwari says none of the godrus resemble each other.

“Because of the little tiny perfections that the artisan brings or you can it the imperfections that she will bring because it is not machine stitched, there is no formula. Every godri is going to be unique, it can never be same to the other ones.”

Maheshwari says a typical godru measures 250cm x 200cm.


Listen to the interview with Jayand Maheshwari 



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