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[LISTEN & WATCH] US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib: “Palestinians Aren’t Going Anywhere No Matter How Much Money You Send to Israel’s Apartheid Government”

May 17, 2021

Palestinian girl, who was wounded in overnight Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip, receives treatment at Al-Shifa Hospital in the Palestinian enclave on May 16, 2021. Mahmud hams / AFP

Faizel Patel – 17/05/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

US Congress woman Rashida Tlaib says her mere existence has disrupted the status quo in America and she is a reminder to her colleagues that Palestinians do exit and are not going anywhere soon.

Tlaib the daughter of Palestinian immigrants and granddaughter of a grandmother living in occupied Palestine was addressing the US congress last week.

Tlaib says Palestinians are also human and are allowed to dream.

“We are mothers, daughters, granddaughters, we are justice seekers and are unapologetic about our fight against oppression of all forms. Colleagues, Palestinians aren’t going anywhere no matter how much money you sent to Israel’s apartheid government.”

Tlaib says if the US is to make good on the promise of equal human rights for all, it is the country’s duty to end the apartheid system that for decades has subjected Palestinians to inhuman treatment and racism.

“We do see Palestinians who live under in utter fear and terror of losing a child, being indefinitely detained or killed because of who they are and the unequal rights and protections they have under Israeli law. It must end.”

An emotional Tlaib broke down in tears when describing how when she see the images and videos of destruction and death in Palestine, all she hears are “children screaming from pure fear and terror.”

“I want to read something a mother named Iman in Gaza wrote two days ago. She said: ‘Tonight I put the kids to sleep in our bedroom, so that when we die, we die together.'”

Tlaib says as long as the message from Washington is that the US military support for Israel is unconditional, Benjamin Netanyahu’s extremism rightwing government will continue to expands settlements, continue to demolish homes and continue to make the prospects for peace impossible”


Listen to the speech by Rashida Tlaib 



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