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[LISTEN] Vaccination Rollout Can Make People Vulnerable to COVID-19-Related Scams

Jun 01, 2021

Image: WFSB

Faizel Patel – 01/06/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

As more people feel upbeat about dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic now that healthcare workers and people over 60 are vaccinated, personal finance website JustMoney.co.za has cautioned South Africans about falling victim to criminals.

The organisation has reminded South Africans that even the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine is open to financial fraud.

It is understood scammers are using telemarketing calls, text messages, social media platforms and door-to-door visits to pick up personal information which can lead to medical identity theft.

Speaking to Radio Islam, JustMoney’s Shafeeka Anthony says while vaccinations provide a much-needed boost to the economy, people need to be careful with their money during the vaccine rollout.

“If you are getting a SMS that’s asking you to pay to hold the space in a queue or asking you to divulge personal information and you haven’t signed up on put your name on the list for the vaccination rollout, it’s just something to be really aware of.”

Anthony says while no scams have yet been uncovered, JustMoney’s aim is to educate people so that they do not fall victim to criminals.

“To date we have not seen any scams like this, but because of what we know when new technology, new things come about, there’s definitely a potential influx for fraudsters and opportunities that ley there for them.”

Anthony says people should constantly monitor their transactions for fraud or suspicious activity.


Listen to the interview with Shafeeka Anthony


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