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Lockdown Price Hikes: Have Retailers Increased Food Prices?

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By Mumtaz Moosa Saley 


Recently I purchased my staple fresh produce, I have noticed that food items prices have increased compared to pre-lockdown. Initially, it was a small increase, so I took to social media to see what others had to say about staple daily items and the rise in prices.  Many people have noticed that everyday items such as long-life milk, eggs, tea, and certain fresh produce items have seen a giant leap in the last month.  

A well-known South African publication reported earlier this week that certain items such as eggs, tea, coffee and mince seen the biggest jump since the lockdown began.  

We are all feeling the pinch with most households having to rely on little income or assistance from NGOs and the government. However, its everyday households who are feeling the pinch of the rising food prices.  

I have to wonder If we are allowing big retail stores to get away with the price hikes?  When the lockdown started in March this year the Government had urged the public to report any price hikes for essential food items, while some stores have been brought to book, there are those who are simply making a quick buck on the already cash strapped consumer.  

While tea and coffee went up by almost 7% in most inland stores, the staple foods such as eggs have seen the highest price jump thus far.  

If you feel that the store you shop at has been price gouging, contact the National Competition Commission on 0800 014 880 to report the incident with proof.


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