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“Look at the Noor (light) on your Face! I Swear by Allah Your Hajj has been Accepted!”

Jul 29, 2020

Faizel Patel – 29/07/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

“Look at the noor (light) on your face! I swear by Allah that your Hajj has been accepted!”

These were the words expressed by a South African travel agent to a Muslim revert on the plains of Arafah in Saudi Arabia as hundreds of other hujjaj looked on in amazement.

The sister who reverted to Islam in 2006, embarked on the journey of Hajj more than ten years ago with her husband.

Speaking to Radio Islam, the sister who preferred to remain anonymous says the memories of that day continue to be a vivid reminder of a journey of pure spiritual ecstasy.

She says Hajj is a once in a lifetime journey and everyone must make the intention to go.

“It was an experience of a lifetime and even if you go the second time for Hajj, it will never feel like the first time. The words by the travel agent caught me by surprise. Just a few years ago, I was a non-Muslim and now I was standing on the plains of Arafah with the possibility of an accepted hajj. Who knew besides Allah. He is the greatest”

The sister says South Africans who did not go for hajj this year because of COVID-19 should never give up and have faith in Allah as Allah is the best of planners.

“Make dua that Allah removes the Coronavirus so that everyone can go for Hajj again and feel what I felt so many years ago.”

The sister says reverting to Islam has been the best gift she has ever received.

The sister says Islam is such a beautiful religion and Hajj such a powerful magnet, that it draws Muslims from every corner of the globe, irrespective of race or colour to fulfil Ibrahim (AS) call for pilgrimage and with the sole purpose of worshipping Allah.






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