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Dec 29, 2020

Publishing has become a lot more accessible recently where authors can circumvent the publication houses and simply design, print and market their own book – which may make sense for a lot of people.

So why go through the agony of submitting your manuscript to the established publishers? In the event that you get a book deal, your book is on a road to success with all the support it needs to get it there.

For most of us though, that is not the case.

Eloise Scoble, Author of Samurai Bride – her very first self- published book – gives some insight into the process.

Poised to empower women, Samurai Bride is traditional in its ideals of what it means to bear the name, wife.

‘’Empowering women in being a wife, its not because you’re a wife that you’re not worth anything, you hold your household and I felt it was important for women to know this.”

Scoble believed in her idea and breathed life into it through publishing it herself, while speaking to Radio Islam, she detailed her experience.

She says she opted for the self-publish route, as traditional publishers are just too busy.

“Publishing houses are over extended; you could wait six to eight months just to have your book on someone’s counter to read it.”

Scoble says bypassing the publishing chain of command will get your book out there much faster, while marketing will be driven by your own will to see your book thrive.

A conceived idea is the starting point for any aspiring author according to Scoble, once you’ve got that you can begin to conceptualise idea. She warns that in order to be a writer, you must read as well – the ideas of others are important in conceptualising your topic.

“My journey was, I started with my idea, and then I put together supporting ones. Other people’s ideas of marriage, whether it failed or whether it didn’t fail, or if you felt it was a great success. And you add those stories in.”

Once you’ve conceptualized, you need an outline of the book says Scoble, then you move onto your research which is integral, lastly you add anecdotes of shared experiences and examples – that was her five step process to writing Samurai Bride.

Your marketing campaign is probably the most important part according to Scoble, and she believes social media is the best form. She says while it is fruitful, once you build the momentum behind your book you have to keep pushing. Pushing creative, thought provoking content that will transform into book sale.

According to Scoble, there are self-publishing houses out there, loads of them, that will give you the support to get your book out there – without the scrutiny.



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