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Mother and Baby Killed in Kenyan Air Strike in Somalia

Jun 09, 2021

A Kenyan warplane bombed two towns in southern Somalia, killing a mother and her child.

The Standard reports that the bombing by the Kenyan plane occurred last Thursday night in two towns in Somalia’s Jubbaland. The Somali government has condemned what it called “indiscriminate air strikes” in El Ade and Hisa-u-Gur towns.

Ali Ahmed Sheikh, the woman’s husband, on Monday said he was not at home when the warplane struck their house in El Ade, as well as his neighbor’s residence. Sheikh said, “I found my house destroyed, my wife Sahra Aden and the baby she suckled dead.” Four of Sheikh’s children – two boys and two girls – were injured in the attack and had had to be hospitalized.

Kenyan planes had also reportedly bombed other villages and destroyed telecommunications masts. According to The Standard, the Somali government said civilians had died in the airstrikes, with many injured, including women and children. No further details were given.

The Kenyan military referred questions to the African Union Mission to Somalia. AMISOM, meanwhile, said it was gathering information on the incident.

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