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Muslim Community Heartbroken Following Passing of Muslim Couple in Tragic Vryheid Crash

Apr 07, 2021

Faizel Patel – 07/04/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

South African Muslims have been left distraught following the passing of Ml Imdadullah Kathrada and his wife Atiya Chotia.

The couple tragically passed away in an accident on Tuesday on the R34 in Vryheid near Lakeside.

The crash instantly claimed the lives of eight people while five critically injured others are in hospital.

Marhoom Ml Imdadullah and his wife Marhooma Atiya were only married for a few months, with their nikkah announced on Radio Islam.

Radio Islam’s Ulama Profile presenter Ml Obeidullah Boja says the news of the passing of Ml Imdadullah and his wife Atiya is heartbreaking.

“Allah has made it such that both of them were in the field of Islamic education. Ml Imdadullah (RA) having completed his Aalim course last year and Apa have also been teaching in the Rynsoord Madrassah as well. This brings home to us an important aspect, that we all have to realize that each one of us will leave this world.”

Ml Boja says each one of us must be prepared for death at anytime.

“Yesterday was an awakening for us to tell us that the reason why we’ve come to this world is to leave and that our preparations for leaving this world for an everlasting Aakhirah should equally be appropriate to the stay that we are going to be in the Aakhirah.”

May Allah grant the couple’s qabr’s with noor, grant them them the highest stages of Jannatul Firdous and sabr-e-jameel to the family, ameen.


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