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New Study Reveals South Africa is the Worlds Most Unsafe Country to Drive

May 04, 2021

Image: Car Mag

Faizel Patel – 04/05/2021

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

A study by Zutobi Drivers Ed has revealed that South Africa is the world’s most unsafe country in which to drive.

The study based their findings on various factors such as the number of deaths on the roads, maximum speed limits, and the number of people who wear a seat belt, to give South Africa the most infamous position.

The Road Safety Partnership South Africa (RSP SA)  says while it is common knowledge that road deaths in South Africa are disproportionately high, the results of this study are concerning.

“While we already have the notorious reputation of 25.9 people per 100 000 dying in a car accident, gaining another reputation as the most dangerous place to drive is something the country should work to change.”

It says in the results of the study, South Africa did not actually have the highest number of road traffic deaths.

“The reason for the country’s position in the study is that we have the second highest number of deaths per 100 000 people and a high ratio of crashes that involved alcohol.”

The study also says that many of South Africa’s road regulations are on par with the countries considered the safest places to drive.

“The maximum speed limit is similar to the top five safest countries. The biggest difference was seen was in the number of people wearing safety belts. Where around 95% of front passengers in the safest countries wore seatbelts, not even one third of South African front passengers wear seatbelts.”

RSP says the study should motivate drivers to change the behaviour that resulted in South Africa becoming the most unsafe place to drive according to this study.



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