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Radio Islam Walkie Talkie: Participant Reactions

Sep 18, 2020

Husain Mohamed – 18/09/2020


“We always talk, now we walk.”

As an encouragement to get our listeners fit and healthy, Radio Islam staff members have been taking part in the “Walkie Talkie” challenge, walking or running to keep their step count high.

The competition started on the 31st of August and will end on September 20. Updates of the leader board have been posted on social media bi-weekly.

As it stands Radio Islam’s Faheema Patel leads the way with 275 376 steps followed by Ejaz Khan with 268 095 steps and Faaiza Munshi with 200 060 steps. Mumtaz Moosa Saley completes the top 4 with 187 250 steps.

Here are some of the reactions from the top 4:

For Those who don’t know me,  I’m Faheema Patel, I’m not a presenter, but work in the Programming admin department.

Coming from eating disorders and being 36kg overweight which affected my overall health, I’ve started walking a year ago, then moved over to walking and running, and now I run 15km.

I’ve been walking & running for the past year and the results are remarkable, I’ve lost 15kg and feel on top of the world. The Walkie Talkie challenge has been amazing and has pushed me to become more fit and healthy, has inspired me and fuelled me to keep pushing hard towards my goals. No, really, I mean it! It has done wonders to my mind, body and soul and has also changed me emotionally through empowering me to build my self-confidence.

Walking and Running has CHANGED my life!

~Faheema Patel


What a brilliant initiative this Walkie Talkie has been! A few months back I was lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling , wondering if I would ever walk again. Today alhamdulilah , I’ve managed to keep up with a road runner and keep her at bay for the most part( well, she overtook on the bend but that was expected !) I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of fighting against your own fitness limitations, and winning. I feel much fitter than I have in a long time.

I’ve found more connection with the earth, felt more grounded than in years, and just enjoying how hard I’ve managed to push myself to break personal milestones along the way. Walking with my wife and kids at night has been a highlight and I know we will continue doing so even after the challenge is completed.
I also now how it feels to go to bed exhausted and wake up even more tired. But its been a blast and I wouldn’t change it for thr world

~Ejaz Khan


Challenging ourselves and others to walk and be healthier was the goal for us as the staff of Radio Islam International. What surprised me is my need to beat my own negative mindset and perhaps also push myself and my body in a more positive direction. When the challenge started I happened to be in the middle of treatment for a small “injury” or muscle strain and I said that I will do this anyway and see how it goes. As human nature is and some of us find out through a challenge, that we have a competitive edge within us and I found my competitive side come alive a little. Motivating myself to do a little more each day has been great but what has been even better is getting two other friends in their own personal capacities to start walking again and admitting that the walkie talkie challenge was their motivation. There’s just a few days left and I know everyone on this challenge is going to put in the hard work over the next few days. I do hope that we have managed along our own 3 week journey to build habits that we will sustain for greater health moving forward and I am hoping we have encouraged many to join in this journey with us.

~Faaiza Munshi


For months now I have been saying that I plan to be more active, procrastination and finding other things to do always crept up and this left me saying that I simply have no time. 

The walkie Talkie challenge had got me to lace up my sneakers and compete or at least try for the top spot.  Let me tell you going from 5000 steps a day to 10 000 steps a day has been a real challenge, but it has motivated me to try and push for a better healthier lifestyle. 

By today my body aches, but I have loved every moment thus far of the chainage simply because it gave my husband and I time to just talk to each other uninterrupted, he joined me on my morning or afternoon walks. The days I walked at home it became a family thing and allowing my small family to discover new places and learn more about each other. 

Besides the quality outdoor family time, I have found that my sleep has improved and gone are the days where I would battle to fall asleep. Yes, walking daily for an hour will leave you feeling like you are 99 years old and trust me by 8 pm you will want to call it a night.

I have started to take my health and fitness more seriously, the energy after a morning brisk walk is something I never felt before, let me add I was one of those people who would wake up tired every day. 

~Mumtaz Moosa Saley


The competition concludes on Sunday 20 September. Stay tuned to see who will be the winner.



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