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Saudis Move into the ‘New Normal’

Jul 01, 2020

Ten days after coronavirus lockdown restrictions were lifted, Saudis are their enjoying their reintroduction to freedom. Arab News reports it is now business as usual in the Kingdom.

Sociologist Musaab Al-Abdullah said that in recent weeks it has become clear that people must accept a “new normal.” He added that many probably view the “new normal” as an exciting challenge.

Saudi health officials, however, have warned that the Kingdom is not free of the coronavirus pandemic yet. Saudi Arabia currently has a total of 194 225 coronavirus cases, with 1 698 deaths and 132 760 recoveries.

Arab News, meanwhile, reports that people are seizing the chance to socialize with friends and family members.

Al-Abdullah said, “(People) now see that life before the lockdown was blissful and not as boring as we thought. People are now waiting impatiently for the virus to be eradicated so that they can return to their normal life with a new and appreciative outlook.” He added that consumers have changed as people realized they could live without collecting luxuries, and that the lockdown had proven that family and safety always came first. He said while it’s a pleasure to be able to see friends and family again, the restrictions still in effect would also generate anxiety.

27 year old Lujain Al-Jehani met friends, while applying the restriction rules. She said, “I think it is acceptable to meet with family and friends while taking precautions and treating yourself and others around you like you are infected, to avoid catching the virus.”

Saudi infectious diseases specialist Abdulaziz Al-Kinani said, “The (health) ministry allowed us to return to our normal life but with new adopted behaviours, such as social distancing.” Al-Kinani warned against being obsessively cautious, saying “Calmly wash your hands and use disinfectants if you have touched surfaces in public places, and avoid crowds.”

Although anxiety still lingers, Arab News reports that ‘experts’ say that this is an ideal time to re-examine priorities and adopt a positive mindset about the future.

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