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Savoury Tips (28.03.19)

Mar 28, 2019

Savoury Tips
(As shared on Tongue Twisters)

For half moons
We roll and cut all – keep covered. Then fill and laai – after laai place on a wire rack for excess to drip and then place breadcrumbs in a large dish-tupperware-and put a few moons at a time and shake tupperware- gets coated much faster this way
Make a Thin runny laai
Don’t roll out to thin it opens up I Use the ramadhaan delights dough recipe
Knead the dough well once it’s cooled
Roll out cut circles
Sprinkle flour at the bottom of a tray and layer circles
Between each layer put an old cloth so it dnt dry
Once youve rolled all the dough start filling from the tray
Do a layer at a time
Keep the filled ones covered and dont place on top if each other they get stuck
For the moons dough, instead of boiling butter n water on d stove n adding flour n mixing by hand u can
Add ur flour to ur kenwood bowl.. boil ur butter n water in d micro or on d stove den pour liquid into ur kenwood while beating on low.. mixes well n becomes a smooth dough widout much effort
I did with laai last year, was better than the egg…also it was crispier..
Add thall, dry herbs, paprika to your breadcrumbs…

quessidilla wraps.
I make dese and freeze for ramadhn.
Make d dough as recipe. Allow to stand for a while den make small balls n roll
fry on tawa until a bit red. don’t put oil or ghee at all.empty on a rack n cover wid a damp cloth so it’ll stay soft
Heres wat u mus do wen u wana hav in ramadhn.take out from freezer in d morning and allow to thaw on its own… heat on a tawa.u can use d oven but I prefer tawa. do not micro it. if u micro it it will get rubbery n won’t taste nice


If u have time fill it its easier
Avoid fresh veggies
Small tip sometimes the cheese sticks to the plastic layers
I spray & cook plastic lightly

Also what do u talented ladies prefer when it comes to pizzas
Do urle prefer to freeze just the bases and then fill as needed
Or do urle do the Base filling cheese etc and then freeze
Which stays better
Any tips on this please

I prefer to just keep bases and chicken filling already cooked in the freezer. Takes less space in the freezer and I find frozen cheese doesn’t melt so well

I set d whole thing and frreeze den pack. Find it very easy.. I don’t make minis. Find it too time consuming. Make big rounds 1 time. Place is sometimes a problem.. I like using d square fussy containers because if fits perfectly or alternately I place in a paper plate cover wid another paper plate (took it like dis once to madina shareef- worked well alhamdulillah)
U can also use d big round polystyrene to store..

I freeze just the bases
And the chicken is cooked and frozen in a separate container
The stir fry in another container
Cheese I buy a big block cut them in small blocks and freeze

## Packing tips###

I pack all my savouries in polystyrene trays the amount we’ll need for each day- pack well in between layers of plastic, and seal well
So each day just take out a tray of preffered savoury

When packing the yeast dough savouries, place a carlton on tray first-won’t get soggy or soft
[03/26, 09:31] Aunty Khatija Ebrahim: Tips for cheese samoosas
So no more cheese coming out

Use cheddar and mozzarella cheese
Try to cube in stead of grating it. If possible…
Squeeze all the water out from the onion and corn

Add 2/3 tablespoons of flour to yr grated cheese and onion as well as a pkt or two crushed lays chips , use spring cheese and cheese n onion Simba – small pkts

Pulse the corn because if you leave it whole then it’s the same concept as making popcorn. They whole corn kernels pop in the samosa and cause it to burst.
Also found with moons, spring rolls and especially cheese and corn samosas, take them out in the morning and spread on a tray/dinner plate lined with paper towel. Keep in the fridge to defrost.
Fry them cold, not frozen in hot oil.



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