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[WATCH & LISTEN] Modus Operandi in Hamza Khan Kidnapping Similar to Other High Profile Kidnappings in SA

Sep 18, 2020

Faizel Patel – 18/09/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

Anti-crime activist Yusuf Abramjee says the modus operandi in the kidnapping of a 30-year-old man in Mayfair is similar to other kidnappings in the area.

Hamza Khan, the son of businessman Riaz Khan was kidnapped outside their family business on Friday morning by two suspects.

According to the South African Support Initiative (SASI), Hamza was forced into a white Renault Fluence by the suspects.

Hamza was wearing a white Islamic garment at the time of his disappearance.

Abramjee says there are no indications of whether a ransom demand has been made.

He has urged the public to allow the police to do their work.

“I am not aware of the specifics of this particular case whether any ransom demands have been made or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if ransoms demands have been made. Special police teams are often handling the kidnapping cases including hostage negotiators. I think it’s important for the sake of the victim that we give the police the time and the space and also give the family the space to handle such a difficult situation.”

Abramjee says there is no doubt that a gang may be allegedly involved in Hamza’s kidnapping.

“This ongoing kidnappings of especially of business people in the Johannesburg area is of serious concern. I have discussed the matter with senior officials this morning. We need urgent interventions, we need urgent actions to be taken and I hope that police will get to the bottom of these syndicates.”

Abramjee says the kidnappings in South Africa are going on for years and its time the community stand up, unite and invest resources in the fight against kidnappings.

Listen to the interview with Yusuf Abramjee 


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