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[WATCH & LISTEN] Rivaj Ramdas: “Our Muslim Community are Being Punished Because They Love Allah”

Aug 31, 2020

Faizel Patel – 31/08/2020

(Twitter: @FaizelPatel143)

The director of Umvoti Light newspaper and member of the Tactical Shooting Team (TST) Rivaj Ramdas says he and the members of his group have a love for the community irrespective of race, creed or religion.

Ramdas was speaking to Radio Islam on Sunday after his initiative to broadcast the athan on loudspeakers went viral on social media.

Residents of all faiths took to the streets in Durban in a convoy playing out the athan on loudspeakers in Isipingo Beach and surrounding areas in protest of a Durban High Court judgment that limits the athan or the Islamic call to prayer after resident Chandra Ellaurie said it disturbed his peace and enjoyment of his property.

Judge  Sidwell MngadiMngadi said Ellaurie who is Hindu, was “unashamedly opposed” to the Islamic faith propagated by the Madrasah.

People were extremely buoyed and gratified by the kind of outpouring of support from other segments of the community including Muslims.



Ramdas says when TST heard about the banning of the athan, they were livid.

“Tears rolled from our eyes because the truth of the matter is we love God in all His forms and I must say to you that we are especially fond of the Muslim community. Because we are so deeply involved in outreach and feeding and serving the homeless, we are more than acutely aware that the one community that you can count on when it comes to taking care of widows as per the Prophet’s (Muhammad [PBUH]) instructions, taking care of the less fortunate, doing charity, it’s the Muslim community.”

Ramdas says he and TST stand in solidarity with the Muslim community.

“We as TST, members of the Tactical Shooting Team, we are quite sick and tired of the Muslim community being targeted, being ostracized, being criticized purely for their love for the Almighty.”

Ramdas, a practicing Hindu says Ellaurie is in the dark about Islam and does not know the beauty and teachings of Islam, which is universal and benefits everyone.

“I must say to you that when this beautiful athan, that I personally whenever I hear the athan if I am driving past a mosque or there is a mosque close to where I live, I am reminded of God. So what could be better than being reminded of our Creator, of the Almighty and our Muslim community are being punished because they love Allah.”

Ramdas says what broader communities need to understand is the prayer does not only benefit the devotee, but everyone in South Africa and across the globe.


Listen to the interview with Rivaj Ramdas 





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