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What my time in self-isolation taught me

Jul 16, 2020


By Mumtaz Saley Moosa

15 July 2020

Ten days ago, I was advised to take a COVID-19 test. I have never had a nasal swab and on the day I was terrified. It is scarier than it is and it is uncomfortable for the ten seconds that it takes.

I suffer from sinus congestion and during these episodes, I cough and suffer shortness of breath. So, the test was needed to rule out COVID-19.

During this time, I decided to self-isolate as best I could until I knew whether I was positive or not.  During my wait, I learnt of the stigma infected COVID-19 patients suffered but I also experienced people who were willing to help where and when they could.

Most difficult during the self-isolation was telling my four-year-old to stay away from me. She may be four, but she understood and together with the other kids, she stayed away, and my husband had to take over the usual tasks I do at home.

I have learned that it is important that your kids and husband know how to do basic things around the home and one of the most important of that is cooking.  This is a life skill that I am glad that I took the time to teach my kids, and I am glad my mother-in-law did the same with my husband was growing up.

All was well until I needed items from the shops! Ladies, trust me, even though my husband does do the shopping occasionally, entrusting him with to get an entire weeks worth of food, well, it is just easier to shop online.

During self-isolation one of the most torturous things was the fact that I missed human contact. We could choose to be online 24/7, but we still crave human interaction. This revelation made me value my family even more.  I usually do not like hugging, but I missed it.

While there were snide comments about my whereabouts and how I would get infected because I left the house once a week and other useless remarks. I learnt to bite my tongue, and this has taught me that every action does not need a reaction.

My test came back negative but the time at home became a blessing in disguise. I learnt more about who I am as an individual.


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