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WhatsApp Users Face Losing Message Functionality if New Privacy Policy is Not Accepted

May 12, 2021

WhatsApp app on a display of tablet PC. ©Sharaf Maksumov/123RF.COM

By Naadiya Adams

Whatsapp has confirmed that users will gradually lose functionality if they do not agree to the new privacy policy.

May 15 is the official cut-off date but users will have the opportunity to agree to the policy for some time after that. According to the instant messaging service, everyone will not be switched off at once but rather, the process will be a gradual one. Users will also receive persistent notifications to accept the policy terms during this time.

If a user decides not to accept the terms of the agreement, they will begin to lose access to chat lists but will be able to call and message someone if they are contacted frequently or pop-up notifications are enabled from which you can click.

Eventually, all functionality will stop including calls and notifications though the exact timing will vary for each user.

After a few more weeks, users won’t receive calls or notifications, WhatsApp said, although the timing will vary from user to user.

In January, the internet went into a frenzy when WhatsApp first announced the privacy changes; many users were concerned about their messages’ privacy as the policy change meant sharing personal data with Facebook, its parent company. However, what users were not aware of is that it only applied to business accounts which would enable businesses to benefit from the data sharing.

In the wake of the confusion, users migrated to other instant messaging apps like Signal and Telegraph whose downloads went up by 4200% according to Business Insider.

For those who do not agree, accounts will not be deleted and functionality will not be curbed directly after May 15th.

Whatsapp said in an FAQ that the “policy update does not affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family in any way.”


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