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Where have you gone?

Jul 31, 2017

I dedicate this poem to my son Shiraaz, always remember as Gladys Knight would say: “You’re the best thing, that ever happened to me”

You were born with much difficulty
Stubborn from the word go
You wanted to have your say
And you let that show

You always had the mischievous ways
Always looking for something to do
Your smile had a way of melting everyone’s hearts
And being the first born
Made you get your way

Your heart has always been tender
Quietly looking and sometimes surrender
Fighting was never an option
Your emotions you always kept inside
Quietly hiding and shying away

I tried to get you out of your shell
But it seems I didn’t do too well
You let your feelings consume you from within
And you never wanted to let anyone in….

Why did it have to be this way
Why couldn’t you just continue to play
Why couldn’t you remain the little boy
Instead of growing too fast and becoming a man
I guess it is all in our Maker’s plan

We may not understand it
And sometimes it doesn’t make sense
We have to carry on and do our best
Or else we might not be a part of the rest

I am asking all these questions
And I am saying all these things
What happened to my Baby Boy?
When did you become a Man?

When you look into the mirror
And you see your reflection so clear
Look a little deeper……
And you will see my Baby Boy so dear
He is still inside of you
And I think sometimes you need to let him out
Let him be a child again
Before life made him a man

Let him play for a while
Let him allow you to smile
Let him be all of the dreams you had
Let him show all the happiness we shared
Let him deal will all the grief and pain
That life has strewed upon your path
Let him open up and show the world your very precious heart

Written by: Firoza Hanslow


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